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Amelia is concerned with design at the intersection of architecture, interiors, furniture and art. After studying for her Bachelor of Arts (hons) in Architecture, she contributed to the production of scenography within the luxury sector for a number of years before exhibiting her very first self-initiated furniture piece in 2021. Today, she works as an editorial copywriter for prestigious global brands and publications whilst continuing to expand her design practice with new pieces that explore the peculiarity of the ways in which people inhabit domestic space. 


Group Shows 

'The Life We've Shared', Side Gallery, Barcelona, November 2023

Curated by Charlotte Taylor 

'Welterweight', Max Radford Gallery, London, July 2023
Curated by Max Radford


Booth M17, The Radford Gallery for Collectible Fair, Brussels, March 2023
Curated by Max Radford

'Vessels', Sized Studio for  Frieze Week Los Angeles, February 2022
Curated by Alexander May

'Cold Sheets', The Radford Gallery, London, December 2021
Curated by Max Radford

'Uncommon Found', The Radford Gallery, London, May 2021
Curated by Max Radford


Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, University of Cambridge, 2014-2017


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